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Ring Sizer

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The easiest, and cheapest way to find your ring size is by going to a jeweler in your area, and getting your finger sized. OR – you can grab one of these ring sizers from 24 Carat Posh, which you’ll be able to keep and use for future sizing needs!

Each ring sizer costs $5, but upon purchase we’ll email you a $5 gift card that can be applied to your first ring purchaseSo basically, this sizer will be FREE to you!

These ring sizers are very easy to use. Just wrap it around your finger and put the end through the loop. Pull it to a size that is comfortable – but not too tight! Make sure it can be slid on and off your finger comfortably. 


Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Our dominant hands are usually slightly larger, so make sure you measure the right finger on the correct hand!
  2. Rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter. If you have any, try to measure a ring with a similar width as the ring you want to purchase.
  3. Make sure the finger is at normal body temperature — fingers can shrink or expand when hot or cold.
  4. Your fingers tend to change size throughout the day — the best time to measure your finger is the end of the day.
  5. If your knuckle is bigger, take 2 measurements and choose a size in between — the ring needs to fit over the knuckle but not be so loose that it will shift around.